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It has been a good run with Aeon, but all things run their course and come to an end. I have watched Aeon slowly grow then die off as people moved onto other interests or found worlds that appeal to them more. Instead of leaving the server up and running empty, I have decided to turn off the server and close the player portion of the forums.

I would like to thank those that have put in their time and effort, either as DM's, builders or players. Without your efforts a world can not exist or grow into something more than a concept.

So what next, for me I am not sure, perhaps I shall learn something else perhaps not. I do know my power bill will be smaller next month, so out of sad endings a positive comes.

Goodbye and Goodluck.


Aeon PW a Never Winter Nights 1, Persistent World.
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PostSubject: Acknowledgements   Sun Dec 07, 2008 6:29 pm

I would like to acknowledge the work of BarryTheHatchet and Relexx as the co-developers of the core Aeon Frontier Module, which forms the basis of Aeon PW. furthermore, The Aeon Team would like to acknowledge the following people whose work was incorporated into the Aeon PW module..

Tileset Credits

Dwarven Halls - the frame for BTH Chiska Ruins

DOA City/Rural Base Build

Forest transition models in BTH Chiska Ruins
XP1 & XP2 for DOA City/Rural Base Build
Various models added to BTH Forest

Improved Hills for DOA City/Rural Base Build

John Hawkins
TB Swamps- the frame for BTH Swamp 1

CODI Swamp- the frame for BTH Swamp 2

Kert Wettian
Full Forest Rural- the frame tileset for BTH Forest Rural. Models were also included in BTH Forest

Jackal GB
ForestHillsPlus- models used in BTH Forest and the Bioware Forest mods

Kelsys of Greenshore
Full Forest Base used as the frame for BTH Forest

Little Barron & Pogo Mudder
Various models that went into BTH Forest

Never Roofers
Cave Ruins & the frame for BTH Damp Cave

Aztec Exteriors. Models for BTH Forest Rural. Textures for BTH Forest, BTH Forest Rural, BTH Ruin Castle & BTH Chiska Ruins

Textures for BTH Chiska Ruins & BTH Ruin Castle

CTP Team
CTP Generic Doors

Tileset Apps & Utilities Credits

Zoltago- For NWNViewer
Edward Smith & Gareth Hughs- For NWN Explorer
Hypercubed- For NWN Tileset Duplicator
Jlen - Tileset Editor

Story Sources and World Reference Credits

"Songs of Narev"
The Watchtower Information Services

Scripting Credits

Sir Elric
Cleric-Rogue UMD fix

Sir Elric
Player Validity

Portrait Pack

CoT Portrait Pack

Content Credits

Forgotten Realms Gemstones by Mjolnirsbane

de Mont Trading Post by Lazjen & Gugglebun
Lorien - Late of Mystara


DnD (tm) Magic Items by Drmhawk

CEP Forgotten Realms Flags & Shields by Seryn

Forgotten Realms Gemstones by Mjolnirsbane
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