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It has been a good run with Aeon, but all things run their course and come to an end. I have watched Aeon slowly grow then die off as people moved onto other interests or found worlds that appeal to them more. Instead of leaving the server up and running empty, I have decided to turn off the server and close the player portion of the forums.

I would like to thank those that have put in their time and effort, either as DM's, builders or players. Without your efforts a world can not exist or grow into something more than a concept.

So what next, for me I am not sure, perhaps I shall learn something else perhaps not. I do know my power bill will be smaller next month, so out of sad endings a positive comes.

Goodbye and Goodluck.


Aeon PW a Never Winter Nights 1, Persistent World.
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 A needle in the arse for some fresh ideas.

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PostSubject: A needle in the arse for some fresh ideas.   Sun Aug 30, 2009 4:56 pm

Just a quick note. I see a few players are currently feeling a little burnt out with their PCs.

Just wanted to say that players should take a break or try their second characters for awhile and not lose sight of what we are tryng to create with Aeon which is supposed to be an avenue for fun and enjoyment.

Also, please do not lose sight that the team are doing a great deal in the background with regards to some new areas, monsters, quests, npcs and that the vision is strong but as always Real Life sets the rules by which we play.

Ive really enjoyed what Ive done with the players as a group over the last few months, the different characters and playstyles make for something quite dynamic and challenging, frustrating sometimes, always surprising and never a dull moment.

Ive had a few PMs off different players with character ideas and plots. So what I wil try to do is create some scenarios for character development, but without any kind of major plotlines.

So if you have anything that you would like to do, that can be done in one evening, as a mini quest or a chapter of your characters story that you would like to play out, please post here or PM me.

When I played pen and paper DnD a lot. We always used to have a solid break every 3 or 4 months. That break could be a couple of weeks or a couple of months. But we could always get back together again and play new (or old) characters and get straight back into it. And I think we have that here. There has been some excellent RP, great characters and plots that have grown and moved with PC involvement and believe me, PCs have had a great deal of influence on the way things have gone, even if as a player you might not realise what you have influenced.

So, nows the time, before I think up another stupidly big server plot that requires way too much thinking.

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Andy B


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PostSubject: Re: A needle in the arse for some fresh ideas.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:32 pm

Just sent off a new quest based on Rori's performance on Saturday night, so hopefully that should provide some interest going forward. Also the ad-hoc exploration such as that which happened later on Saturday night also provided some good inspiration for plot ideas (either hardcoded quests, or more spontaneous DM events), so you never know what you might find the next time you turn that familiar corner.

The main thing I've been trying to do with my recent building is to make the module more dynamic without requiring constant DM interaction - hopefully this will help for people's downtime as well.

The server as a whole is still really aimed at low-mid levels (maybe 3-12) so it is always going to be a slow process growing the server into catering for the 12-20s in a standard format. As said alternating between PCs does help to keep things fresh for those who like to try some different interactions with others.
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A needle in the arse for some fresh ideas.
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