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It has been a good run with Aeon, but all things run their course and come to an end. I have watched Aeon slowly grow then die off as people moved onto other interests or found worlds that appeal to them more. Instead of leaving the server up and running empty, I have decided to turn off the server and close the player portion of the forums.

I would like to thank those that have put in their time and effort, either as DM's, builders or players. Without your efforts a world can not exist or grow into something more than a concept.

So what next, for me I am not sure, perhaps I shall learn something else perhaps not. I do know my power bill will be smaller next month, so out of sad endings a positive comes.

Goodbye and Goodluck.


Aeon PW a Never Winter Nights 1, Persistent World.
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 Update on Server

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PostSubject: Update on Server   Wed May 13, 2009 6:29 am

Hi all

Just a quick update on the server so people have an udnerstanding that things are progressing...

1. Automatic server resets are now activated on the server every 8 hours, on the scehdule of 08:00am 04:00pm and 12:00am Western Standard Time, meaning perth. Within reason this schedule can be altered, however it is aimed at ensuring the server is in a 'clean' state during priamry activity periods.

2. Various scripts and systems are under review by Myk, Andy B and myself to either remove exploits or enhance things.

3. Treasure system is currently running on the Bioware default, this is a pain as the incorporation of the CEP Haks really nerfed Aeons treasure system. I believe I have a fix but it is currently being tested and has involved many a night of just pulling things to pieces.

4. New areas - Been working on a new areas and adding them with plans to add a heap more.

5. Modifying areas to take into account the changes inthe world and player actions. ie the Rock was an example, and their are other easter eggs in the module that reflect actions by players. Note I don't hand out changes unless there is aiether a damn good reason or a very well thoguht out reason that will stimulate RP.

6. Items, additon of 1600 new items, these are creeping into the module but will become more apparent in stores and such over next few releases. items prior to going live need to be modified to remove perm haste and perma immunities where possible. This is to ensure that the items do not unbalance the server and make areas that are fun, just a monty haul.
Also, more class specific items are to be created as well, do I hear druid and monk kit?

7. XP tables are beign tweaked a smidge, though that is far down on my list.

Now, there does exist an opportunity for someone who would like to build areas for Aeon. If you are interested, I need an example of what you can do sent to
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Update on Server
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